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  Huzhou Chuangli Logistical Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier which mainly engaged in R&D, design, sale, manufacturing and installation of logistics equipment Parts, automated logistics systems.

  The company is well-equipped, it has advanced technology and strict testing, besides it has a vibrant, experienced high-level management team of technology development and manufacturing. Through continuous learning and exploring, forming a set of scientific management system adapting to its own development and in accordance with IS09001 Standard, the whole company achieves standardized operation according the ^Turnkey Project ̄ of business consulting, site inspection, program certification, manufacturing, testing, installation and after-sales service. Especially in the manufacturing of various systems engineering, our company accumulated rich and valuable experiences, laid a solid foundation for the development of enterprises.

  The ^Turnkey Project ̄ we offered not only save a lot of cumbersome for customers, but also greatly improve users¨ productivity, so it¨s well appraised by many end-users. We firmly believe that only regarding and ensuring product quality, continuous innovation, absorbing and digesting advanced technology coupled with timely and thoughtful after-sales service is the only way out. Our philosophy is achieving customers trust and recognition in exchange of dedicated service.

  So far, our customers involve more than 30 industries including food, beverages, musical instruments, aviation ground handling, automotive parts, engine assembly, machinery, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries. Number of customers is more than 230, and many logistics equipments are exported to the Middle East, Europe and Africa through the cooperation of foreign company.

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